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Sebastian Court

Sebastian is a sexy muscle stud from the heart of Cape Town in South Africa. With the tan, the body and the looks he can certainly make an entrance on the beach. Sexually he is active, and with his 8.5" cock he loves to fuck cute young bottom boys. He stars in 'Up n Cummin' fucking Todd's cute bubble butt and in 'City Boys' as co-star with hot stud Euan.

Birth 29th July
Country South African
Height 6'3"/ 191cm
Weight 69kg/ 10.9 stone/ 152lbs
Waist 32"
Chest 41"
Cock 8.5"/ 21.6cm cut
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Body hair Smooth
Position Top
Favourite lube Liquid Silk
Favourite condom Durex Avanti
Turn-on's Orgies, young horny guys!
Favourite food Low fat, low carb, high protein!
Favourite drink Chardonnay
Favourite music French lounge, Classical, Pop
Favourite film Vertigo
Favourite city London
Favourite sport Fitness and free weights
Favourite destination Sydney, Cape Town, Florence
Rating: 0.00
Rating: 0.00
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